Blokable partners with Washington to build modular, all-electric affordable housing

Phoenix Rising is a 12-unit development that will serve a community for residents who earn from 30-50% of the area median income. 

In December, modular builder Blokable completed the 12-unit Phoenix Rising affordable housing development in Auburn, Wash. At a cost to the State of $125,000 per door, the project cost less than half the average new apartment to build, in a region that faces a severe shortage of affordable housing, according to the firm. 

Developed on land owned by Valley Cities Behavioral Health Care, in Auburn, Wash., Blokable at Phoenix Rising is a community of five studio and seven 1-bedroom apartments, which are reserved for individuals earning 30% of the Area Median Income. The facility will cost 60% less for heating and cooling, and 30% less for overall utilities, and meets strict energy and environmental metrics that are becoming the standard for new construction in many states and municipalities — including all-electric systems and a highly energy efficient building envelope. (Click here for a video about the development of Blokable at Phoenix Rising.)

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